FRONERI is an Ice Cream, Frozen Food and Chilled Dairy business

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FRONERI Summer Internship - Sales Department

Our summer internship program is a 2-month program that aims to build caliber who understands the market needs, corporate life and business acumen, building caliber who will be ready to get hired upon graduation. Duration: July and August. The internship is paid.


Education: Undergraduate (2nd and 3rd year of university)

Major: Business Administration, Marketing, finance or any relevant field

Experience: Extracurricular Activities or/and Internships

Availability in July and August

Job Description

Our summer internship program is a 2-month program that provides you with: 
1- One of the best "on hands experience", you get to learn real business cases, learn by doing.
2-Mentorship, in which you have a mentor who assigns you to tasks that helps you learn and implement, coaches you and give you all the guidance you need.
3-Professional certificate upon finishing the program.

The Trade Marketing - Sales internship activities: 
  • Create innovative Trade Marketing campaigns 
  • Trade Marketing data analysis
  • Implementation of Trade Marketing initiatives
The Out of Home - Sales internship activities: 
  • Monitor and evaluate the performance of out of home channel partnerships
  • identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to maximize sales and profitability
  • Stay updated on industry trends and emerging opportunities in the out of home channel
E-commerce - Sales internship activities: 
  • Adapt to the growing e-commerce trend and enhance the company's digital presence to capture online sales opportunities.
Customer Development - Sales internship activities: 
  • Collaborate with key accounts to identify cross-selling and upselling opportunities.
  • Develop and deliver impactful presentations to key accounts highlighting the value proposition and benefits of partnering with the company.
  • Monitor competitor activities and provide timely insights to the sales team on market trends and opportunities related to key accounts.
Sales Analysis - Sales internship activities: 
  • Develop a comprehensive evaluation framework to assess potential distributors based on criteria such as market coverage, capability, and alignment with the company's values.
  • Create distributor training materials and conduct training sessions to enhance their product knowledge, sales skills, and understanding of the company's value proposition.
  • Implement a regular performance review process for existing distributors, identifying areas for improvement and providing necessary support and guidance.
  • Collaborate with the finance team to establish robust credit management procedures for distributors, ensuring timely payments and reducing outstanding debts.



FRONERI Sales Office, New Cairo